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Browsing Galleries has become a Drag with the New Design. I browse less and my "Guests" also browse less as I can see in my Stats. Since I don't have own Stuff to provide I am not really inhibited. But I know that I do look less around now and I think it is sad for all those who present own Content. Also reorganizing Folders seems not possible anymore, or I haven't found out yet. What do you think?
I was not absolutely sure whether DA would introduce a Favorites Search or not, i didn't ask for it but thought it may come some day.
And since DA is not the "Art Basel" but a Plattform for every Kind of Talent from the Dilettante Amateur (something i'd love to consider myself if I ever came up with something) to the Undiscovered Genius and the fully developed Professional I was never picky i took in whatever had "Something".
Now with this new search Funktion browsing through Favorites makes it easy to check for instance my favorite Theme:
Beautiful Loser (or as in German: Gute Verlierer).

By searching for Example:
Wonder Woman defeat:
You'll find quite a lot of great Pics by Artists I assembled.

You can do this also with Supergirl, Red Sonja, Power Girl, Miss Marvel or many other Heroines also in Combination with Keywords like Bondage, Wrestling or even Victory.
Also the Combination with Bikini will yield quite some Results. The Results will not be complete but then other Members have also Collections.

Wish you fun by digging through my Mess and thank the Artists since they did the Work I only consumed and clicked the Buttons.

Papalabas (of the Crossroads) 

My Sachas Merven Story is locked by my low english writing Skills. Maybe i should write it in German and then try to translate it later.

My Collection of favoured Heroic Beautiful Loser grows ever bigger and i think it is Time to organize it again.

Having Reached 2800 Spectators and 1300 Replies at the very same Time it is up to the Numerologist to decipher what this could mean.
I still haven't found a good Entrance for my Character Sachas Merven getting defeated in the Fight against Evil and stronger Woman in the Bikini-Wrestling Leagues i can only explain this Numbers by favouring a lot of great Pics.
Which is actually quite easy since there are so many.
I won't promise anything about the Future of poor Sachas Merven right now, but i have not abandoned her.

Answering my Question from above:

Not yet really.
I really have a hard time to find words to describe Fights. Since English is not my native Tongue I really have a Lack in this Departement.

Does anyone know where I could find those "technical" Terms.
As with all Storys, the first catching Sentences are hard to find.
But so much allready:
She was a Gymnast that from Age 6 to 12 made great progress under a strict Training Regiment imposed on her by her Parents and the Trainers.
She was rather small but fast, had good Technique and was listening good to wath she was told.
Turning 12 she gained very fast in Hight but not so much in Muscles, her Coordination suffered and adding Insult to Injuries she not only had to suffer some Accidents but seemed to develop slower then her Peers.
Only in School her Grades in Languages, Maths and Arts stayed on Top Levels. Having entered School already a year before Average she was able to skip Courses and was allowed to enter College around 16.
She was then allready dismissed from the Elite-Cadres of the Junior-Gymnast Team at 14 because she was surpassed by younger Girls that were built more compact and had developped faster.
She changed to general Courses in Acrobatics, Dance and Water-Jumping (looking for the right Word there, somebody help?) on a strictly Amateur-Basis.
In a Car-Accident when she was 15 her Father died, her Mother was saved by Sachas but lost a big Deal of her Mental Sanity.
The two moved to her Mothers Brother.

I hope i'll find the Perfect Entry into the Storys, but Sachas will allready be about 22-24 years of Age.
So far as so far so.

I'll be in Holiday until May 7, so any Progress in the Story will be delayed until my return.

I wish you all a good Time
After some Reserch I finally found my first two Characters for my Stories.

First there is  AlecSandra "Sachas" Merven,  
a young Slowgrower with some unfolding Extrapowers wich resembles Wonderwoman and Robin and is what the French call a Garçonne, the English a Tomboy.
Her doublesided Mentor is Jack Elhid,
who his the hidden God of the Thieves, Traders, Messengers and the Borders
Hermes/Merkur, the only Olympian God who today is still effective on an Everyday Basis. He even took over the Olympics by professionalising them and kickin out the Amateurs.

Sachas is a Sibbling of a long Row of Messaliances that started with Aphrodite.
Eventhough she is already 24 and beeing an Overachiver in School and the University she is stil quite naive but not stupid.
As she does not yet know, she will live much longer than we average Mortals. But that means that she also grows slower.
Beeing therefore in many Ways behind her Peers she has the Urge to show her Value to the Society in general. She also wants to be loved by everybody and therefore makes a Fool out of herself sometimes.

I'll hope I'll get along with the First Chapter of the First Story in the next 3-6 Weeks.

Since English/American is not my Mothertongue and Swissgerman my daily Way to Speak, there will be a lot of Idiosyncracies and also some Mid-Atlantisms.
Feel free to give me Advice in this regard.